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So for those who has been waiting for this episode, here goes. All parts uploaded by yours truly, sorry its delayed, internet was being a bitch. Spoilers & reviews under the cut ~~~ I'll upload this here in 2 days, so if you want this badly, urgently, head over to www.2oneday.com

Spoilers & Review....

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2PM Returns!

Posted by yanasot on 2009.03.18 at 12:32
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I'm sorry I went missing for so long, abandoned this poor baby of mine but I'm back! I'm back along with fancams of 2PM returning to Korea after 2 weeks of being in America ( NY & LA and wherever not in Singapore :( ) I bet some you lucky kids got to see the pretty boys of ours! I'm also a maintainer at 2_o_clock so drop your love there as well!

So here I am with the fancams.




Comments would be love to show whether I still have my watchers and people interested in this community ~


I have no words for this epicness. This is hella awesome, and you're not a fan if you don't download :O More fancams from this event will follow up soon.


Pretty stage, I'm in love with it. I've wanted to upload it yesterday but MF was being a bitch. Anyhows, a must download. New outfit, and hot boys, what more can you ask for.

!mod post

Posted by yanasot on 2008.11.28 at 20:48
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hi there all. i'm sure everyone would like to understand what our dear boys are talking about especially in videos so i'm here trying to make it come true. but first of all, i'd need some of your help. i need chinese fans of the boys (those that can read chinese) to comment here or message me.

if you can understand chinese, and am free for the next few days or so.. please contact me.

also, i'm opening up request for videos that you'd like.
if you'd like any videos of the boys and ive not uploaded it here, please comment.
and yeah bump this anytime you like, i'd read.

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